Analysis of Piping

Piping networks in many industries may be subjected to pulsations, vibrations, thermal expansion/ contraction, self-weight, wind, and snow or earthquake loads.
Therefore, great attention is paid to the piping net layout. The necessity increases when compressors are a part of the installed equipment. Such machines excite multiple vibrations and pulsations into the piping. This can lead to generating resonances which could accelerate piping metal fatigue and, eventually, to failure resulting in repair and maintenance costs and losses of production.
Piping studies
Examination and analysis of piping and foundation models are possible via computer simulations. These studies allow the most economical and technically sound designs to go forward. This is completed during the plant layout stage and before any plant-work starts. These studies contribute to the increased useful life of:
  • The piping net
  • Valves
  • Pipe-support
  • Associated equipment
The piping sections of all of the larger engineer constructor companies carry out these analyses for major projects on a routine basis. However small plant extensions and minor plant alterations are not frequently examined thoroughly.

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