DiffuserValves cause pressure drop in gas or steam networks which are usually accompanied by high levels of noise generation.
Reducing this pressure drop also reduces the generated noise. We provide solutions in the form of noise attenuating diffusers, located directly downstream of the valve. Using this method the noise attenuating is compact and demands no maintenance.
Generated noise 
Pressure in a gas stream can cause sudden velocity and pressure changes in a valve. Hereby generating sound power levels
of up to 160 dB, that spreads through the walls of the valve and of the downstream piping. Influences of the noise level are:
  • System pressure
  • Pressure-drop
  • Gas velocity
A downstream diffuser reduces pressure drop across the valve and proportional reduces the generated noise.
Noise attenuation in the diffuser
We achieve noise attenuation in the following steps:
  • Partially reflecting noise entering the diffuser, the proportions determine this effect.
  • The production of small gas jets is forced by openings in the diffuser, which mutually interfere and attenuating
    noise further
  • Altering the noise spectrum, low frequency noise transforms into higher frequencies that are more efficiently impeded by the pipe wall.
We calculate our diffuser systems using CONVAL 9. Giving us accurate noise calculations and optimal compact designs.

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