Baffle Silencers

Baffle silencers, housed in rectangular or cylindrical enclosures, include one or more acoustic absorbent baffles. Constructed as a cassette, each baffle contains the absorbent material that converts noise energy into friction heat. Different types of absorbent materials are used dependent upon specifications and noise attenuation. The baffle thickness (spacing and length) has two different functions, the amount of noise attenuation and the frequencies treated.


Baffle silencer

Our baffle silencers are used in a wide variety of applications heating- and air-conditioning ducting.

  • Separator cyclones
  • Compressor systems
  • Boiler vents
  • Fans
  • Electric motors
  • Compressor systems
  • Internal combustion engines

Custom design

Axces Steam and Flow Control developed an advanced computer program that objectifies the results of laboratory and on-site measurement of baffle silencers. The program interpolates the differencing between performances and dimensions of the baffles.  The baffle silencers are not restricted to standardised proportions in production. The results are that the silencers can be fitted into the available space and noise spectrum, precisely adjusted to meet the required levels. Custom design ensures that oversized silencers
are not fitted and to attain economical production.
Custom building permits construction in selected materials. The use varies upon the job specifications and may be furnished to meet high temperatures, corrosive media or
hygienic requirements. Examples are:
  • Steel plate with electrolytically bonded zinc coating
  • High chrome-nickel alloy plates with sound absorbent selected for extreme conditions.
Where high velocities are inevitable, chrome-nickel alloy wire gausses will be fitted to ensure the absorbent material stays in place.

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If you have the requirements Axces Steam and Flow Control can help you with your custom made Baffle Silencers.



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