ISO 45001

    Our people are our most important asset! Without them, ASFC could not exist. We, therefore, want to care for our people the best way we can. We want to make sure they work in a safe environment and are heard when it comes to their work and circumstances. We, consequently, ask for active participation in meetings and matters of health and safety.

    ISO 9001

    In addition to our people, we value our customers. We want to create premium products that meet our customers expectations. In our processes we incorporate the PDCA-cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act. We continually pass through this cycle to improve our products and processes. We look at our business environment to see where the risks and opportunities lie, so that we can take steps to minimize or maximize the impact.

    ISO 14001

    ASFC cares about the environment. Even though ASFC is not a producer of products, we want to establish a management system that helps us to look at our role. For example, the use of energy, paper and waste. We find it also important to look at our suppliers and how they handle this topic and whether they are working to minimize their footprint as well.
    ISO Certificates Axces Steam and Flow Control B.V.


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