A unique series of separators are an important range of supply for Axces Steam and Flow Control. Our separators, very efficient and reliable units, find application in many sectors of industry.

The purpose of separators 

Developed for the effective removal of solid/fluid particles from gas and vapor streams.  Advantages are a reduction in maintenance cost, reduction in downtime on equipment, and particle emission into the environment. Furthermore, it increases the profit from product recovery.


SeparatorPrinciples of operations

Elements induce a rotary flow into the processing system. The resulting centrifugal forces blow the particles away from the gas stream. Collecting the liquid or solid particles and draining them away through a separate outlet. Fine control of velocities minimizes the pressure drop.

Some applications 

  • Protection of equipment, turbines, against damage caused by particles or droplets
  • Recirculation of condensate for steam applications
  • Recovery of chemical solid and precious materials.

Safe and reliable

  • Separators contain no moving parts
  • Once installed no further maintenance required
  • Built to last operating in exposed locations

Advice and service 

Our technical advisers will consult with you and carefully select the best model for your particular application.  ASFC assures you decades of up-to-date and practical experience.

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If you have the requirements Axces Steam and Flow Control can help you with your custom made Separators.



Below you will find more information about the Axces Steam and Flow Control Separators.